Marketing for Acupuncturists


(If other people can, you can too, right?)

But sometimes it feels pretty impossible. (Thanks to bookkeeping, marketing, paperwork, insurance, and a bazillion other things that make acupuncturists feel like crazy people!!)


And that, I’m excited to say, is something I can help you with.

I don’t believe you’re here by accident.
(The universe just doesn’t work that way.)
I think you’re here because you’ve got something wonderful to offer the world and you just want some help to rise up and get your message out there.

I’m sharing with you the marketing and business processes I’ve learned and honed and have worked well for me. They transformed my practice, made my life so much easier, and attracted more patients than I could handle on my own.

Acuprosper is the perfect blend of DIY and hiring a coach. In other words, this ain’t your typical business coach.

  • It's actionable, with step by step how-tos, demos, checklists, worksheets, and action items

  • It's affordable, no sticker shock here

  • It's approachable, realistic, and fun! Made for acupuncturists, by an actual acupuncturist.

You’re amazing. The world needs you. I’m just here to demystify all the little steps and big strategies you need to know to grow a successful practice, so you can get the business side of your practice down, stop feeling overwhelmed and start enjoying the wonderful journey of sharing your gifts.

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